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Andrea (28 April 2015, 07:21:30)

Dear Eusevio

I would like to provide you with some feedback on how I am feeling. Since your treatment, I am completely without pain! I no longer require any medication and simply feel wonderful! No comparison to the weeks before, when I was in pain all the time and hardly knew how to get out of bed... now I almost feel as if I was flying throughout the day. I even resumed my training, which gives me back the quality of life I missed so much!

I am feeling great overall. I don’t know exactly what you did to me, but it really did me good. All those things you noticed came together like pieces of a puzzle and make complete sense. In particular, you told me that my right hand (the present) is holding on to something or something is sticking to it that does not belong to me. I think I know exactly who is causing this. I am sure that it’s the same person who is making me so angry at work and causes me to feel this sense of injustice that you have repeatedly mentioned. And I think I understand what needs to be done in this regard...

Eusevio, I am more than grateful for your help and support! I hope that I will manage to also bring peace to my emotional world.

Thank you very much!!

Andrea (E,B, Zurzach, 29 November 2015, 08:55:15)

Dear Eusevio

I came to you for healing. My first session was more than eight months ago. It was the best decision I made this year. I highly value your abilities as a spiritual surgeon. My fear of dentists has all but disappeared, as have many other anxieties. I have returned to a life of light-heartedness and feel a deep sense of joy and love.

Thank you for your valuable service!

Iris (Aarau Rohr, 5 January 2016, 16:08:59)

Dear Eusevio, I underwent both the healing and the spinal therapy. After this intensive therapy, the back pain in my sciatica dissipated within a few days... I could hardly believe it.

I tried out the gymnastics tips with the tennis balls a few times, and it has had a great relaxing effect on my spine.

See you again sometime. Kind regards, Iris

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