Soft spine therapy for dogs

This method promotes healing through spinal treatment.

Back pain and many other dog ailments are caused by our modern-day lifestyle. Too little exercise, excessive jumps or sweeping turns during exercising - there are many things that negatively affect the animal on a daily basis.

This puts enormous strain on the entire skeletal system and can lead to deformities.

It must also be taken into account that animals tend to absorb our own inner problems as well, which has a negative impact on the entire skeletal system.

The nerves that emerge from the spinal column and lead to the organs could be strained tremendously as a result or even become trapped.

Any misalignment of the vertebrae can cause any number of blockages and complaints on all levels: for the animal’s nervous system, circulatory system, energetic system or psyche.

My treatment method uses gentle pressure or traction on transverse and spinous processes to realign the vertebrae to a natural position.

This method also aligns the spine, muscles and nervous system. The treatment returns the legs, pelvis and shoulders to their natural position. The client is actively involved in the treatment and assists me with the alignment of the vertebrae by moving the animal’s legs in a certain way.

All treatments are gentle. Sudden movements are counterproductive both for humans and for animals.

In order to help the animals, I work very intuitively and with great sensitivity.

Please keep in mind:

As mentioned above, animals tend to absorb many of the blockages of their owners. I therefore recommend that you as owner also undergo the soft spine therapy and/or spiritual surgery at this time.

You will feel much better and relaxed afterwards, and so will your dog.


When treating dogs, I someone to assist me. The person assisting me must move the legs of the animal as instructed so that I can gently re-align the skeletal system.

Further treatments options: