Energetic building cleaning

Energy cleaning of buildings and grounds is about resolving external disturbances that people and animals perceive unconsciously, in terms of health, psychologically and emotionally, and that can affect their lives.

I have been aware of these energies since an event I experienced in spring 2013. At that time, my perception was directed towards it and opened up to it. Since then I have been helping people and animals every day with great love and gratitude by energetically cleaning buildings and entire properties from negative energies.

I also perceive these energies during spirit surgical treatments on the body of my customers, during monthly distance treatments or during telephone conversations. I always ask my customers whether they feel comfortable in their houses and whether they notice anything unusual in their houses or properties. When I get feedback from my customers, I explain exactly what it is about. I then offer to dissolve these negative energies in your house and environment for you. Since I also feel the energies through photos, I don't have to be there in person for the resolution. However, I need a photo for the energetic cleansing.

Most of the time, the energies are souls of deceased people who are in buildings or on land. For example, it can be relatives who are unable to go their own way due to deep-rooted fears of what follows after death. These fears can be triggered in childhood by manipulative statements such as "If you die, God will send you to hell". This can lead to people developing lifelong fears and fighting death until they die. These souls then often remain on earth. However, it can also be about unknown souls, for example war victims, who were already at this location before the property was built.

You should know that such situations have absolutely nothing to do with scenes from TV shows or (horror) movies. The souls are always looking for help and are grateful when they are helped. What happens in and around the building or property always has meaning, as everything that happens in our life has a cause and an effect.

Do you have any questions or may I help you? I look forward to your contact.

Your Eusevio

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