Monthly distance treatments and spirit surgery treatments

My ability to help people through my monthly remote treatments or through spirit surgical treatments on site on the body makes it possible to dissolve old imprints, emotions, trauma and patterns that people have noticed since their conception and experienced in their lives Has.

In the process of procreation, human beings did not receive only flesh and blood from their parents, as is known. no He also inherited feelings and emotions from them, and even from his grandparents and their ancestors. So line of ancestors and not previous lives what you hear again and again.

From birth to around the age of six, the child adopts and saves impressions, beliefs, experiences and more from parents, relatives and acquaintances from its environment. Parents are the highest authority in a child's young life. Their statements and actions are always the supreme law and truth for the child.

But also at school, in religion and in other institutions, the child and then later the adult are taught and exemplified many different rules that people accept without thinking about whether they could really be right because of learned from a young age to believe in rules and follow them.

These experiences such as fears, anger, hatred, powerlessness and many more, along with the imprints and beliefs of childhood, result in patterns in adulthood that appear again and again in different stories throughout life. But every further story in life becomes even more violent than the previous one.

These can and will one day show up as psychological and/or physical symptoms.

One can also say that everything in our life has a cause in the past. We have been aware of this for a long time and are now experiencing the effect of it in the now. This also includes our thoughts and actions that we thought or did unconsciously until yesterday. Which have also shaped our lives and continue to shape them to this day.

What needs to be mentioned here is that doctors, scientists and other academics have long believed that if people do not express their emotions, diseases will one day break out.

In my remote treatments, which I have been carrying out for many customers worldwide with a lot of love and out of deepest gratitude since February 2009, such points are gradually resolved. The customer feels better over time, is strengthened and their life changes in a positive way. Physical symptoms also disappear through the monthly remote treatments or the spirit surgical treatments on site.

For a monthly remote treatment I need your picture and your full name. This is how I connect energetically with you every day. I accept your energetic blockages on my body, which show up in me as pain or psychological symptoms. Which, as mentioned above, you have experienced back to your conception. My body goes into different positions to release these blockages. I perceive images for myself that show me what is happening and what is happening in people. I cough heavily when releasing the blockages. In the case of extreme blockages (mental or physical pain, even serious illnesses), it can also happen that I even get into a kind of nausea-like situation in order to be able to derive or solve these points. I perceive trauma and the approximate year in which it occurred.

The possibility of being able to help people via remote treatment began for me in February 2009 during a seminar. The Geist Surgical treatments began in the summer of 2014 with a deep trance (another state of consciousness) that occurred unexpectedly during a treatment. Previously in the Philippines, various famous healers performed bloody bare-handed operations on me and solved my head tumor and two and a half year whiplash. In addition, they have cured me of other various physical symptoms with their abilities. I am very grateful for that today.

Do you have to believe in it? I'll tell you straight out: NO!

When I first heard about this possibility in the Philippines in 2003, I didn't believe in it. I flew to the Philippines after hearing about these opportunities in Switzerland and seeing them on TV. I simply lay down with the healers and the healer, just like you do with a doctor or therapist. The only difference is that these bloody operations are done with bare hands, fully conscious and without anesthetic or anesthesia and I was cured of my illnesses and ailments.

It sounds unbelievable, since for decades we have been deliberately kept silent about the possibilities that are offered by people and their gifts in different countries of the world. However, this type of healing is quite normal in different countries and is gratefully viewed and accepted by the people.

None of these world-renowned healers in the Philippines, where many have been invited for treatments in Europe, can explain how these healings happen. They say it's God healing through them. Hence the name "Mind Surgical Treatments" as the mind works or heals through the healer. What I can say with all my heart is that I feel an energy flowing through me that allows me to perceive and guide my hands in the treatments. In between, I also receive explanations about the treatment, without my having thought of it or even knowing it myself. I call this energy God. Because he is the one who heals. For me he is not the punishing god that everyone knows from religion, pictures and statues. In addition, energies exist between heaven and earth that can neither be explained nor proven and will probably never be proven.

I want to make it clear here that I am not superhuman and do not wish to look or represent myself as anything special. Also, I am not an esoteric or spiritual person. I've been happy for years to be able to help people with the opportunities I've been given. I was helped. So I give back what I got with a lot of gratitude, humility and love. healing.

Do you have any questions or may I help you? I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Eusevio

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