Spiritual therapy treatment – approx. 1.5 hours.CHF 150.00
Spiritual therapy with vertebral therapy – minimum of 2 hoursCHF 200.00

You have the option of getting the treatment at your home. I will bring the therapy bed and accessories with me. I charge 70 centimes/km for the round trip. I do not charge for travel costs for treatment of 3 or more people at your home, or combined with animals.

Animals: per 1/2 hourCHF 60.00
Remote treatment - at least twice daily for at least one month for humans and animalsCHF 150.00 / month

I request you to bring dogs for treatment. 

I only treat cats at your home or via a month-long remote treatment to protect the animals from the stress, strain and anxieties of transportation.

I can readily treat horses, cows and other large animals at your home. In this case, travel costs are only charged from the 20th kilometre, at 70 centimes/km. If I treat more than 3 animals, I will not charge for travel costs.

If you wish to receive treatment abroad, travel costs, accommodation and meals need to be covered by the organiser.